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History Shaklee

Shaklee History

1894 - 1956

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee was born in November 1894. He was born with tuberculosis and doctors all agreed he was not likely to survive. His parent’s faith in things natural led them to move north where fertile soil produced quality nutritional substances. They put aside medications in place of the family’s food from the farm garden.
Dr. Shaklee said his health improvement was not a miraculous cure, as some people said, he said it was slow but it was sure. At the earliest possible agehe was made to understand that wellness has everything to do with good nutrition, a healthy environment and exercise.
When Dr. Shaklee was asked why he decided to study chiropractic medicine instead of becoming a medical doctor he said, “I never belittle the medical profession but we are in two separate fields of endeavor. They are trained to treat disease and I’m interested in building health.”
Dr. Shaklee opened his first practice in Rockwell City, Iowa in 1915. He spoke to his patients about their diets, which was unusual for the time, and devised detailed nutrition diaries to monitor patient’s progress. Pictured to right, one of the early Shaklee offices.
Dr Shaklee’s first product in 1915 was called “Vitalized Minerals” in which he isolated natural compounds from vegetables for their mineral values.He was joined in the same year and kept contact with the young Polish biochemist, Casimir Funk, who called his compounds “vitamins”

This was the first use of the word vitamins.
Dr. Shaklee was a chiropractor who went through school with his friend, B. J. Palmer, the father of chiropractic care. Dr. Shaklee also held degrees in nutrition, biochemistry, philosophy and divinity.
In 1924, Dr Shaklee built a complete health care center with a staffof chiropractors, osteopaths, internist, general practitioners and surgeons. The picture on the right is Dr Shaklee and his friends in front of the Curtiss plane he used to visit patients around the state.

For the first time Dr. Shaklee’s formulations for food supplements were packaged and dispensed.
In 1928, he developed a sensible diet regimen he recommended to all his patients. This diet was similar to the Food Guide pyramid currently recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture, with emphasis on grains, fruits and vegetables and a minimum of fats and sugar.
In January 1929 he was ordained a minister and in 1933, he officially received his doctor of divinity degree. His deep concern for the spiritual part of life eventually took shape as the Shaklee philosophy. He practiced chiropractic until he was 65 years old. Then he launched the Shaklee Corporation to market the products he spent his lifetime developing.  His dream was to share the products and better health with the world.Dr Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr. and his two sons, Forrest, Jr. and Raleigh launch the Shaklee Products company in 1956.


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